United States: NC Bill To Allow Drivers To Drive Through Protesters

NC = North Carolina

This is a pretty rough bill, but I remember savage rioters pulling white people out of their vehicles to assault them, usually while defending known thugs that had been shot by cops. I’d rather not see naive Snowflakes getting hurt, but as for Soros Lives Matter, Soros Justice Warriors and Antifa, FUCK THEM.

For setting race relations back to the 1960s, thanks Kenyan Bomber Of Nations! Shine that Nobel Peace Prize up for us!


From the article on Charlotte Stories: NC House Passed HB 330 – Allowing Drivers To Legally Drive Through Protesters Who Block Roads

A new bill has passed the NC House that would allow North Carolina drivers to drive through protesters who are blocking the road without being sued, as long as they “exercise due care.”

The North Carolina House passed HB 330 with a 67-48 vote.

It was introduced by Republican Justin Burr and “provides that a person driving an automobile while exercising due care is immune for civil liability for any injury to another if the injured person was participating in a demonstration or protest and blocking traffic.”

“As we’ve seen, time and time again, as folks run out in the middle of the streets and the interstates in Charlotte and attempt to block traffic,” Burr said. The Republican commented that he wants to ensure that “drivers don’t have to fear driving through Charlotte or anywhere in North Carolina.”

“This bill does not allow for the driver of a vehicle to target protesters intentionally,” he added. “It does protect individuals who are rightfully trying to drive down the road.”

The bill is now heading to the NC Senate for final approval.


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