Rex Bear: Sumerian Scribe Verifies Anunnaki, DNA Manipulation

I see a lot of Youtube non-researchers giving their uninformed opinions as fact. They’re saying that the Anunnaki created black-haired people and that we all originally came from black wombs. Here’s the thing… They’re full of shit. These people are all still embracing the old paradigm and trying to make new ideas conform to the beliefs they are clinging to. You, reader, will not get anywhere unless you toss out ALL of your preconceptions and study EVERYTHING.

Bear talks about the Flood Myth, which I can verify after having studied Early Babylon. King Xisuthra was the basis for the Bible’s Noah. This sun god Utu was called Shamash or Shumash and was all over Mesopotamia and Canaan.  Here is where the Afrocentric crowd screwed things up.  I think they might be right about Bible personalities such as Noah, Shem and Nimrod being black. This cannot go as far forward as Moses, because Ralph Ellis and others are making connections that these were the redheaded Hyksos who went on to found Ireland and Scotland. And then we have this…

In George Smith’s translation of Babylonian / Chaldean tablets, he finds parallels to the Bible’s account of people from somewhere else coming to Earth to create a new race of people here. The people from somewhere else were the Bible’s ‘sons of God’ and they created the Adamu / Adam, creating a new lineage called the ‘sons of man.’ Some scholars translate Adam as meaning black. Not black hair, but black people or a black race. That negates this idea that black Africa was the cradle of civilization, because it was the fair-skinned watchers, as seen in the Book of Enoch, who made those Nubians and slept with their women.

Other, non-mainstream and non-biased archeologists and researches give us 3 cradles of civilization: Africa, Turkey and South America. That doesn’t take into account creation myths from Native Americans from the US, the Maya or India. What if all of these creation myths have some validity to them? What if creator gods or scientists came from Orion, Sirius, Nibiru and the Pleiades and created their own separate races? The Cromagnon people were smarter than proto-humans, so why did they die out? The Indian Vedas talk about races of men that no longer exist, including Monkey Men (or Neanderthals?) that could be our modern day Bigfoot and Yeti.

The bottom line is that we don’t know the entire story yet, BUT some of us are piecing it together. Meanwhile, we’ve got smart phone and keyboard monkeys trying to tell us what’s real history and what isn’t.


YT description: Summerian Translation Flood Story, Over 8000 Years Old, Anunnaki, Enki,Enlil,Ishtar,More
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Summerian Flood Story, Predates Holy Bible by Thousands of Years……

Title: Ancient Sumerian Scribe Over 8,000 Years Old Verifies Anunnaki & DNA Manipulation of Mankind (YT link) Uploaded by Leak Project.


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