Mandela Effect: The Hideous Merged Reality Ribbon Worm – Yuck!

I think I first became aware of this nasty creature about 6 months ago, but I assumed it was some new discovery I hadn’t heard of before. The problem is I’ve seen several other really weird anomalies involving insects for the last couple of years, like people killing a small spider and having a giant worm come out of it that seems impossibly large, a big spider with ‘hands’ and some other things.

I should have seen these before. I’m the kind of guy who loved showing off strange creatures to my kids and going to the zoo for all-day jaunts several times a year. When the Internet became available, it was like a dream come true for me, as I could look up strange animals, birds, fish, flora, etc. whenever I wanted to. I regularly watched bizarre fauna videos for hours and hours, because it fascinated me. I’ve also looked up deep  sea creatures from explorations and that washed up on the shore after tsunamis, and I used these as templates for monsters I create in my fiction. Steve Irwin, Animal Planet, Wild Kingdom, Nat Geo, I would watch all of those shows!

Anyway, imagine one of these crawling into your eyeball…


YT description: An associate Kelly Magee sent me this video link which I’m including so you can watch the entire video and to give credit to Kelly and this video – his name “vlad9vt” – channel –…

Title: Mandela Effect – hideous merged reality nightmarish creature (YT link ) Uploaded by 56KayBrown.


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