Dr. Lupo Round Table: The Ubuntu Movement Can Save The World

This is a great discussion, even when the one guy shows up and keeps asking the same couple of questions over and over. If you know what the Ubuntu Movement is, here is the latest news about it. If you’ve never heard of it before, the guests will explain it. If the Unfuckers Unite community can somehow join up or associate with this concept, this thing WILL grow legs. The hardest part will be letting go of the current failing paradigm and taking those tough first steps.


YT description: Join me tonight for as representatives from the Ubuntu movement discuss how a society without money would work. Live Stream & Chat Tonight 4-27-17 – 8:00pm EST Some of your favorite panelist will jump in and discuss all these topics deeper. See you there.

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Title: 🔴 LIVE: The Ubuntu Movement – Live Stream & Chat Tonight 4-27-17 – 8:00pm EST (YT link) Uploaded by Dr. Tarrin P Lupo.


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