Transpicuous Views: 40/30/17 – Vaccines And DNA Manipulation

YT description: On this episode of Transpicuous Views, I was joined by Ann Callaghan, a homeopath in Ireland, to dig deep down the rabbit holes of Vaccines, Chemtrails, what REALLY causes “Autism”, and what the agenda is BEHIND all these gene altering ingredients. We will certainly be revisiting this topic and expanding this conversation to discuss Morgellons and several other man made disorders.

If you wish to join our working group that will be testing various remedies and detoxing theories over the next few months, please go to, to the community forums.

Title: Transpicuous Views Apr 30 2017 with Ann Callaghan: Vaccines, Chemtrails, Magnetics & Everything (YT link) Uploaded by Removing The Shackles.


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