Rex Bear: Archons Are Annunaki, Yaldabaoth Is Yahweh Is Enlil

Yes, I do think we are close to uncovering the truth before Rome invented the Bible for the masses. After having done my own research into many ancient mythologies, I think Bear might be right, or at least close. The only part he’s not linking up yet are the ghosts / jinn / spirits / angels / demons that every ancient culture describes. The question becomes, did the Annunaki come from space in physical spaceships, or did they come from another dimension in spirit form? A strong case can be made for both sides.


YT description: Anunnaki, Archons, Watchers, Nephilim, Yaldabaoth, ahweh, Enlil, Epic of Gilgamesh,Atrahesis
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Title: Archons are the Anunnaki and the Watchers – Yaldabaoth is Yahweh is Enlil (YT link) Uploaded by Leak Project.


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