Owl Moon 513: Oracle Deck Review – Gospel Of Aradia

This might be the second Oracle deck I purchase, if I do dive in and get into this sort of divination, and after the Avalon deck I posted a review on before. I like the deck, even the cards that OM doesn’t like. It is a little leaning toward the womanly side, which is a bias on the part of the deck producers. Aradia was not a feminist goddess, she was the messiah of witches, thieves and the downtrodden.

At first, I was a little put off because OM was talking a lot about herself and not the deck. After thinking this over later, I thought, this is fine because I’m seeing how she was led to the deck and how she connected with it. I’m very analytical / non-emotional, so that’s why I felt that way in the first place. Just the facts, ma’am!


YT description: Gaia’s review of the book In Her Image:
Deck has been purchased with my own funds, as always.

Title: TRWT: Gospel of Aradia Oracle (YT link) Uploaded by OwlMoon513.


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