Movie: Gor starring Urbano Barberini (1987, Medieval Fantasy)

YT description: Based on the first in John Norman’s very controversial and long running Gorean Saga, 1987’s “Gor” tells the story of a meek teacher named Tarl Cabot who is transported to an ruthless barbarian landscape by way of a ring. Stranded for the time being, Cabot seeks to help the people of Koroba rid themselves of the evil priest Sarn and return leadership of Gor back to Talena and her father

Title: Gor (YT link) Uploaded by TripDefect87.

Gor starring Urbano Barberini – (1987) 1 star

Run time: 1 hour, 34 minutes. There were too many logic holes in this movie for me to give a higher rating. The overall idea was fine, revolving around a nerdy teacher swept into a barbaric fantasy land. So, what was this teacher’s field of expertise? How did he use his modern scientific knowledge to help him overcome both savages and obstacles? Well, he didn’t show any ingenuity whatsoever, and the only reason we understood he was a modern man was because of his geeky clothes. The main role could have been given to anybody, from anywhere and any time, so the allusion to modern times was pointless. And then, it takes this geeky pushover all of two minutes to show off his robust, manly build, and to learn how to heft a broadsword and defeat opponents that have been using such weapons their entire lives. Sounds legit. One star!


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