Alba Weinman: 010 – The Spiritual Internet (Spanish, With Subtitles)

This interview was recorded at a super low volume. It does have some very fascinating detail regarding who is watching over us and where they are, in a vibratory sense. Be aware that everyone has a different sense of perception, so this may not be your personal reality.

Thanks for keeping us all confused, Higher Selves!


YT description: Esta sesión de hipnosis contiene información muy importante que se debe aprender sobre el internet espiritual. El poder que viene de esta luz se puede usar para conectarse con otros seres y manifestar cualquier cosa que desea. (

This hypnosis session contains very important information that needs to be learned about the spiritual internet. The power that comes from this light can be used to connect with any other beings and to manifest whatever you desire. (

Title: 010 Alba Weinman – El Internet Espiritual/The Spiritual Internet (sub-titles) 8-8-15 (YT link) Uploaded by Alba Weinman.


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