Prepared Texan: The Gerber Paraframe – An Affordable EDC Knife

This is the knife I carry around the neighborhood. I found it actually, through divine guidance, as it was hidden behind a tree and partially hidden under leaves. My spirit guide said ‘walk this way, go around the tree, and stop.’ When I stopped, I glanced around and didn’t see anything. Finally, I looked down at my feet and saw the end of this knife sticking out past the leaves. I asked if this was what I was supposed to find, and my spirit guide said yes, so I kept it. This is the first time I’ve looked it up, so I’m happy to see another person gave it a good review.


YT description: A nice clip folder that won’t break the bank.

Title: Gerber Paraframe: Affordable EDC Knife (YT link) Uploaded by Prepared Texan.


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