Venezuela: Scumbag Maduro Attempting To Rewrite Constitution

Venezuela is in a civil war right now. Not that many English-speaking journalists are covering this story, but here’s the latest I’m seeing from Spanish YT videos. Some of this is unconfirmed.

Allegedly, 31 people have been killed. ???

Gangs of looters are attacking the homes and parking areas of private citizens. CONFIRMED

The socialist party, PSUV, tried to force their way into the National Assembly building a couple of says ago. PROBABLE

More as I get to it.


YT description: Opposition leaders in Venezuela say they will fight President Nicholas Maduro’s attempts to rewrite the country’s constitution. Speaking at a May Day event, Maduro said that a new constitution was needed to restore peace. Hlonela Lupuwana has more.






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Title: Venezuela On the Edge: Opposition fights plan to amend constitution (YT link) Uploaded by TRT World.


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