Music, Ambient: South American / Andean Folk Mix (1 Hour)

The artist is not named in the YT description, so I cannot credit them. Full instrumentals and vocals similar to Gypsy Kings are included. Great stuff!


YT description: A vibrant and exciting album of contemporary songs that will take you on a journey to the beautiful shores of Lake Titicaca where the Condor silently glides overhead in the clear blue skies.

The Diverse Nature of Andean music reflects the historical journey of the region from the Nazca and Inca Empires through to the Spanish conquest. Apart from the native instrumentation such as the Siku (panpipe) and Kena (flute) there are obvious Hispanic influences, especially the Charango (guitar) and less obvious African beats and ryhthyms.

Title: Relaxing Inca Music – Panpipes Instrumental Music, Kena, Flute and Guitar, Chirango (YT link) Uploaded by Ann Redgewell.

2.Los Andes Hermosos (the beautiful Andes)
3.El camino al paz (the road to peace)
4.Todo mundo baila (The whole world dance)
5.Tambores y pipas (Drums and Pipes)
6.Elel sol en la Montana (The sun on the mountain)
7.Venido al carnival (Come to the carnival)
8.Mi amor que salido (My love who left me)
9.Vuelo del condor


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