LARP: 22 Consecutive One-Hit Melee Battles At Schola Gladiatoria

This is research for the fantasy novel I’ll be working on tonight. In my novel, I’ve got mostly swords and shields versus thrusting spears, with a few two-handed weapons thrown in. I want to stay away from the typical Hollywood scenario where both sides rush in together and we get isolated one on one mini-fights. You know the kind, where the hero somehow ends up battling the villain despite hundreds or even thousands of warriors all jumping around at once. You’ll note how easily these young men with the faux spears poke in against the sword and shield fighters, and how the guys with the two-handed longer swords don’t last very long. I’m also paying close attention to the teamwork aspect of two or three against one.

Seems very consistent with my experiences. Swords and shields anchor the line, keep the enemy at bay and occupied while the spears go on a killing spree. – Wreqt

From what I gathered from mid-scale LARP battles, onehanders and shields make a wall, spears and polearms doing the main killing between them when in loose formation or fighting over their shoulders in closed, archers in the back and skirmishing to try and break the shield-line – Erik Blackboar

I am no expert, but the foot work is amazing – Andrea Valchiari


Title: 22 consecutive one-hit melee fights at Schola Gladiatoria SG1 – HEMA sparring (YT link) Uploaded by ScholaGladiatoria.


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