United States: Ugliest Woman Possible Attacks Cops With Hot Grease

This story is from December of 2016. I had to click on it after I read the title, as I knew it would be hilarious. Check the comments below.


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Title: The Ugliest B!tch Possible Arrested For Throwing Hot Grease On Police Officers & Their K 9! (YT link) Uploaded by TNNRaw2.

Bitch look like a dude I used to dig graves with at night … after we were done huntin’ gators. – S David Bee

bitch mugshot look like she in four point stance! – Hombre Consejo

that bitch looks like a level boss – Montage Matador

Looks like a nigga that I use to buy my pork skins from. – Luther Odaniels

I bet she won every staring contest she’s been in – DarkLink314

Bitch look like a demonic hemorrhoid! – DJ KaNeck

Look like a nigga i fought in the prison yard over a chunk of corn bread (: – C Mao

“You gon finish yo co’nbread?” – Shy Giygas

she look like the nigga my loan shark used to send to my house when I was late on payments – Rabih_Mahdee

bitch look like a nigga I used to slap box with – Aero-P Beats


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