United States: Massive Lake Of Molten Carbon Under Western US

I don’t know how much faith to put into this discovery. The deepest humans have ever explored on this entire planet is 11 miles, and we’re supposed to believe scientists know what lies at over 200?


YT description: Scientists found a massive lake or reservoir that is made up of molten carbon under the western U.S. Molten carbon is chiefly in the form of carbonate that could be harsh if it were to be released and considered to be a greater risk.

The findings of the study were published on Earth and Planetary Science Letters on April 1, 2017. It was led by geologists from Royal Holloway, University of London.

The study indicates that carbon rests 217 miles under the surface of the Earth in the upper mantle. It is about 700,000 square miles and could have the same area as Mexico. It has no direct pathway to the surface.

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Title: Massive Lake of Molten Carbon the Size of Mexico Found Under Western US (YT link) Uploaded by Dahboo7.


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