Simply Scary Podcast: S02 E03 – Mandela Effect Story And More

This podcast contains 3 fictional horror stories. (Personally, I would call them light horror.) They include a space story, a Mandela Effect story and a very good dark fantasy ocean swimmer story. The stories were professionally produced and the readers did a great job in setting up the dramatic moments. If you are into the intermediate and advanced levels of Mandela Effect study, you will find that the person who wrote that segment is up to date on what’s going on. A lot of the details such as the secret Texas particle collider, the AI speculation and more are based on what’s in circulation and can be proven right now on the Interwebs.


Title: 3 TERRIFYING CONSPIRACY STORIES | The Truth Behind the Mandela Effect | Simply Scary Podcast S2E3 (YT link) Uploaded by Maryann E Lewis.


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