Movie: Countess Dracula starring Ingrid Pitt (1971, Horror)

YT description: In medieval Europe aging Countess Elisabeth rules harshly with the help of lover Captain Dobi. Convinced that bathing in the blood of young girls brings back her youth, she gets Dobi to start abducting likely candidates, even as the disappearances terrify the town. A great Hammer Film production from 1971.

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Title: Countess Dracula (YT link) Uploaded by Isabel Wilker.

Countess Dracula starring Ingrid Pitt – (1970) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 32 minutes. This story is inspired by the true account of Countess Bathory, whom is reputed to have murdered and bathed in the blood of 600 maidens. I have reviewed three Hammer Productions so far. They have all shown a great attention to detail and a lot of depth to their characters. Ingrid Pitt gives an excellent performance as a woman desperate to stay young, at any cost. Her lover, played by Sandor Eles, and despite wearing a funny hat for most of the movie, comes across as being very open, gullible and sometimes even playful, which suited the part very well. When he finds out the truth about the young / old woman he’s been humping, his fall into resignation is very well acted. A lot of minor characters are also given moments to shine, which again is one of the nice little touches Hammer puts into their films. The problem is that even with all of this going on, this movie started to bore me about halfway through. Maybe it had something to do with looking at Pitt in that old hag make-up, or maybe I just didn’t want to sympathize with her for killing virgins to maintain her beauty. If I had been her older, spurned lover, I would have lopped off her head early on and that would have been the end of it. Remember that at the start of the movie, that was the only person who got mad while the will was being read, giving me the impression that he was more about wanting wealth than marrying the countess. All of these people complying with the every wish of this selfish, corrupt woman were more of a turn-off for me, and that is why I did not rate this movie any higher.


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