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Title: Oracle Decks By Category (YT link) Uploaded by The Truth In Story.

Okay, so in fall of 2014, I wrote a fictional novel based on the medieval age, where the heroine introduces basic Tarot concepts to the hero. (This was published as an ebook in February, 2017.) I had a young lady helping me out at the time, but she has since fluttered away.

More recently, I have the itch to write a sequel to that novel. I want to fully understand Tarot so I can pass on my knowledge through my story. I have already posted a number of videos where people that use Tarot cards talk about their collections and their ideas for what decks are best for beginners. I liked the presentation and artwork on a few of the decks, but after a few days of contemplation, I have found that none of them really resonate. So, I stopped thinking about that idea for a few days.

Yesterday, I recalled how many Tarot practitioners also mentioned oracle decks. When I first head about them, I thought, I’m not looking at them. Tarot is a known quantity; all these oracle decks are based on different systems and I can’t be bothered with learning all that. But yesterday, I changed my mind and went to Amazon and typed in oracle deck. Sooo…

On the Amazon search, halfway down the page, was a deck called The Wisdom Of Avalon. I clicked on that, and in the recommendations below I came upon a second deck called The Gospel Of Aradia. I clicked on that, and in the recommendations I came upon a third deck, Whispers Of Lord Ganesha. I had no idea any of these decks existed. They showed up one, two, three, one right after the other. Are you ready for the kicker?

The title of my first book was Avalon 1, so the sequel will be Avalon 2. The heroine of my story worships Aradia (an Italian goddess of magic). At the end of Avalon 1, my characters are in a country based on India where the main god is, you guessed it, Ganesha. The Avalon connection can be passed off as coincidence, but then you’ve got a second and a third in succession? Those are my spirit guides telling me to go ahead with the book. How’s that for synchronicity?

(In the case that my collaborator might unexpectedly flutter back into my life, I am noting the date of May 1, 2017, 3:30 pm Pacific time as an evidence marker.)


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