Avalon’s Spiritual Odyssey: My Top Ten Oracle Decks For Beginners

YT description: Hello beautiful souls, today I wanted to respond to a viewer request, so here it it. My top 10 Oracle deck recommendations for those wishing to beginning their journey with Oracle cards.

Choosing a top 10 was a hard task and it took me a while! It helped to have a loose criteria in mind, the first being decks that didn’t feature reverse options as I know that can be daunting to the beginner and secondly that the artwork featured wasn’t too obscure. Lastly and perhaps more importantly, that the decks had good guide books to accompany them!

You will also find that that there are absolutely no Angle decks amongst my selection and that is because I do not personally resonate with the vast variety of angel personification/depictions available on the market.

With all that being said, I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did making it. Much love xoxo

Title: My Top 10 Oracle Deck Recommendations for Beginners ~ Viewer Requested (YT link) Uploaded by Avalon’s Spritual Odyssey.


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