Music, Synthwave: Nightride FM I (Grand Theft Auto V, 1 Hour)

One of my favorite collections. I will try to post part II and III later today.


YT description: According to Nightride FM was a radio station in Grand Theft Auto V, and its host was supposed to be DJ Kavinsky. Announced in early 2012 and confirmed by Kavinsky himself on his Twitter, the station has since then completely vanished and does not seem to be included in GTA V.

But it is considered that it was just a publicity stunt by Kavinsky for his new incoming album “OutRun” at that time.

This video shows what I think how it would have been, containing pure Synthwave & Electro Pop music.

Mixed version:

Unmixed version:

Title: Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack: Nightride FM [Fake Radio] (YT link) Uploaded by Nightride FM.

:: Tracklist ::
0:00:00 Mitch Murder – Night Train
0:03:55 Tesla Boy – Rebecca
0:08:00 Jordan F – Abandoned Streets (Short Version)
0:10:07 Kavinsky – Nightcall
0:14:10 Lazerhawk – Overdrive
0:18:38 Miami Nights 1984 – Early Summer
0:21:40 Lifelike – So Electric
0:27:53 Kavinsky – Protovision
0:30:58 Mitch Murder – Remember When
0:36:46 Scattle – Knock Knock
0:40:57 Garth Knight – Silent Strike
0:45:45 Lazerhawk – So Far Away
0:49:40 Flashworx – Futurisma
0:55:19 Com Truise – Flightwave
0:59:30 Linea Aspera – Synapse
1:03:38 Miami Nights 1984 – Clutch
1:07:36 Kavinsky – Odd Look
1:12:17 Futurecop! feat. Cavaliers of Fun – Atlantis 1997


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