United States: Bill Nye’s Downward Spiral Into The Liberal Sewer

I used to watch Nye in the early 90s, and I’m very sorry to see him turn away from science and into fields a nerd with a lab coat has no business being in. As far as Rachel Bloom goes; she’s always been raunchy but one of my favorite videos by her is Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury, where she plays a hot schoolgirl with a sci-fi fetish. Her performance on Nye’s propaganda show is the worst act I’ve ever seen her in.


YT description: It’s absolutely horrible what happens to the minds of those who end up, not only drinking the Kool Aid, but opt in for the IV drip. This guy, Nye, must have gone to a party and funneled a keg of this brain-damaging garbage.

I WAS going to entitle this, “Twas the Nye Before Netflix”

If you wanna tell Bill what you think…here’s the video link:

Title: Here’s a VERY Difficult Video to Watch – From Respected to Repulsive (YT link) Uploaded by HighImpactFlix.


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