Mandela Effect: Was It Lay-Z-Boy Or La-Z-Boy Furniture?

Check this out; it will blow your mind a bit. It is… whoa! Okay , I just looked at my laptop’s clock, and it said 7:58. I glanced at it again right after I wrote the bold sentence above and it was 8:00 pm. That bolded sentence took me approx. 2 minutes to write! Anyway, what I was going to say… The last two hours have streamed by very quickly, so quickly I decided to keep track for about the last 45 minutes. I started watching this video at 7:27, and it ended at 7:58. The problem is that 30 minutes went by, but the video is only 10 minutes long! I’m watching you, clock!

Okay, about this video; I’m going to have to go against the grain here. MB is pronouncing it Laz-Boy, but he’s ignoring the dashes to prove his point. For me personally, if it was spelled Lay-Z-Boy, my mind would associate it with Frito Lays, because my mind visualizes like that. However, my mind is associating DJ Laz with La-Z-Boy, so that takes my recollection back to, what, the early 1990s when I first heard of a DJ Laz here in SoCal. The right spelling for me is La-Z-Boy.


Lay-Z-Boy – 891

La-Z-Boy – 49


YT description: My entire life I knew this furniture maker as Lay-Z-Boy. Now that I see La-Z-Boy in this reality it looks so weird and foreign. Please vote on whether you share this memory with me or not.

Here is the link to all the voting videos:…

Title: The Mandela Effect (They Were Called Lay-Z-Boy Recliners In Another Reality) Please Vote #33 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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