Mandela Effect: Travel Agent Davit Reitz Remembers Old Earth!

I’m reading some great comments on the YT page. I’ll post some of them  down below.


YT description: I work at a travel agency and two different times I my co-workers mentioned that the maps were wrong, and the proceeded to point out the same differences we have been noticing in the ME community.

Also I ramble about Flat Earth in this video, hope you enjoy!

Title: Travel Agents remember the Old Earth! MANDELA EFFECT (YT link) Uploaded by David Reitz.

When you mention the weather changing, its SO FUCKING OFF HERE right now iv never seen it like this before in my life.. ever since like 2010 its been so off, and its just getting worse… i mean weve basically had 4 SEASONS within one week here (east coast). warmest winter ever.. one day its freezing arctic record low, the next its like summer, then rainy and foggy, then FREEZING AGAIN. its so fucked. this is very unnatural too. i notice it only storms at night here and is usually always sunny and clear during the mornings/late afternoon early evening. either way the weathers definitly changing.  – Adam Soullier

I am a total flat Earther after doing my research…its funny because recently I had to send a package from here in Delaware to my boyfriend working in Malaysia. The Fedex package went from Delaware to Memphis Tennessee to Anchorage Alaska then to Malaysia!?? Look on a flat Earth map and it makes perfect sense to go that route. But only on a flat Earth. – Darlene Lake

I remember the same as you mate. What got me was when North and South Korea suddenly moved about a month ago, from being next to Vietnam to next to Japan and bordering Russia! And you’re right about the earth not being a ball 8000 miles diameter spinning at 1000mph. I also noticed that the solar system has moved to near the middle of the Milky Way, and that the big bang (if it happened) was 13.8 billion years ago, not 14.5 billion that I always knew. More importantly we have a VW and the logo p*sses me of now! – JohnnyFartPants1969

my parents came over from Germany and they said we had to stop at ELLIS ISLAND where The Statue of Liberty was!!! in NY..NOT NJ – Monday Morning Warrior

Also, Flamingos can now fly. I remember thinking how sad it was the these birds couldn’t fly but now they can 🙂 – Steve Luiting

There is a long history of these birds not being able to fly they where right up there with penguins as known birds that couldn’t fly. – Cornerstanding


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