Mandela Effect: Statue Of Liberty MISSING From Tourist Pictures

One of the points the video producer is trying to make is the proximity to the New York shore. Some pics appear closer, while some appear farther away, but they are all tagged as being taken from Ellis Island.


YT description: See part II:

Correction on the last 2 satellite images: This was posted on FB by a person claiming it was how S. America looked 3 years ago. It was apparently bluebeard’s image from youtube as well. All of these images of the statue of liberty (not including the last 2 satellite images) DEFINITELY came from me by screen shotting them from FB, they are ABSOLUTELY NOT photo shopped.

Title: Pt1 Disappearing Statue Of Liberty Unphotoshopped Facebook photos Ellis Island Mandela Effect (YT link) Uploaded by Jocyndaaaa.


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