Mandela Effect: Depends Adult Diapers Changed To Depend

Video uploaded in August of 2016.

Depends is the right answer, you are brilliant! We’re being gas lighted. If you call the company, they say it’s always been depend lol. – Karen Dickson


Depends – 452

Depend – 21


YT description: My entire life I knew this brand of adult diapers as Depends. I have seen them in the grocery store and when I worked for Safeway as a pricing specialist I even priced this item and I remember them as Depends. Please thumb this video up if you remember them being called Depends.

Here is the link to all the voting videos:…

Title: The Mandela Effect (Depends Adult Diapers In Another Reality) Please Vote #31 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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