Movie: Jesus Christ – Vampire Hunter (2001, Action, Parody)

Believe it or not, this movie is pro-Christian and pro-LGBT. If you can get past the opening monologue, you might like it!

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Synopsis: Jesus (Phil Caracas) uses kung fu to wipe out a horde of bloodsuckers who attack lesbians.

Title: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (FULL MOVIE) (YT link) Uploaded by TheDarkSideOfTheGhetto.

Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter starring Phil Caracas – (2001) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 24 minutes. Very strange movie, very bizarre, but it kept my attention long enough that I got all the way through it. There was a good amount of talent behind this production, as evidenced by the variety of camera angles and the meticulous detail that went into some of the dialogue. For example, one character represents the famous Mexican wrestler Santos. Somebody was knowledgeable enough to include references to the Aztec Mummy and the Blue Demon, both of whom were real-life rivals of Santos. How many people would know that?

A lot of the action was hokey, the fighting moves were laughable, and in many scenes, we see the public milling about in the background during filming. That’s the way this movie was designed, as a well thought out and coordinated serious ‘joke.’ Just look at how much attention was given into creating the role of the mad doctor who ranted while he took dead bodies apart. When presented with an obstacle, the producers chose to take the dumbest way possible to solve it, by design.

Did this movie fall flat on its face? That depends on how you see it, on how you personally contrast this movie with other parodies. It becomes a love it or hate it kind of movie, where you either won’t be able to get past the short monologue at the start, or you’ll be drawn into it like I was and see how this movie was so quirky it just might end up becoming a cult classic among the alternative lifestyle crowd.


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