Mandela Effect: From Sept 2015 – Brazil Jesus, Tank Man And More

Originally I posted this article in Sept. 18 of 2015, on my last blog Verum Et Inventa. This was right when the BerenstAin Bears was becoming known. I’m moving it over to this blog for new readers, as it shows commentary evidence of the early flip of Tiannamen Square’s Tank Man, and the original size of Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue as being near 300 feet tall. The Christ statue has been doing the rounds recently, in that people think it went from 125 feet to something like 270 about 3 weeks ago. I haven’t been able to confirm that, however, as it still looks 125 feet tall to me.


Note: The following is from only one page out of 10 on The Mandela Effect website. This takes some time to comb through, so if you’d like me to go through some of the other pages as well, leave a comment for me.

A couple of news ones from me. 1. Staten Island had a ferry but not a bridge. Now, it is very close to the mainland, and it has a bridge. 2. Eli Whitney was a famous black inventor. He is now a white man. 3. The logo for Volvo never had an arrow on it. I remember this vividly because some Truthers referred to it as a Saturn symbol with rings across the middle. Other people remember the Volvo logo as being a large V with wings on it, and also as something similar to a Peace sign.

From the Comments 10 page of The Mandela Effect website. This page was started up on September 15, 2015.

Comment by Chimera: How big was the Rio Jesus anyway? You know, that GIANT Jesus statue they have down there in Brazil, that in (at least my) original timeline dwarfed the entire town? I specifically remember that particular Jesus was over 300 feet tall, and that there was another giant Jesus in Peru that was just under 400 feet tall. How tall are they now? GET THIS: Neither are as tall as a 10 story building now! They look like ordinary large statues a big church might put up! And as it turns out, there is not a single Jesus statue anywhere in the world now that is over 120 feet tall when the base is subtracted!

(I remember one of those Jesus statues as being 300 feet high, also. I think it was Brazil’s.)

Comment from FJ: I have been to the Christ statue Rio in 1998, and would swear it is much larger than 98 feet. It was absolutely massive. Looking at pictures on Google, I don’t recognize the black stone base the statue is sitting on. I clearly remember standing at the bottom and seeing the statue’s toes and the folds of the robes. Aside from the gargantuan size, the toes are my most clear memory from visiting the statue and made the most lasting impression in my mind. The way the statue looks now, there is no way I could have seen the toes at all because the base is 26 feet tall. I also read that elevators were installed in 2002, and previous visitors had to climb 200 steps up to the statue. I have no memory of climbing those steps either.

Title: 1989 Raw Video: Man vs. Chinese tank Tiananmen square (YT link) Uploaded by CNN.

Comment by Rob, Tank man is the Chinese man who stood before the tank in Tianamenn Square, China, in 1989: I have heard about THREE versions of Tank man and seen two of them. The version I remember is the one where he walks out with a bag and blocks a column of tanks, he is than pulled away by one man who approaches him from the left a pulls him away to the left. I saw this version when it happened in 1989. Decades later I saw a video where he got on the tank itself! I was like when did that happen?! Also he was pulled away by several people in that version. I don’t remember the he gets run over version.

Also I remember the Midwest heat wave of 1995 being a massive disaster where almost ten thousand died and it was a major news story for weeks. Now when I look it up fewer then 800 died and very few people remember it when the version that I remember it was bigger news story then the Oklahoma City bombing.

(Several rumors about what may have happened to Tank man, from The Independent. Also, at the bottom of the page on of this Frontline article, June 5 entry, is an image of Tank man on top of the tank, which I have never seen before.)

Post from Steve, in reply to above entry: Rob, Great post! I’m glad that you brought up the 1995 heat wave. i was living in Chicago at the time (had just graduated from college, so I was an adult and had the mental capacity to remember accurately) and I remember that over 800 people died in Chicago alone. It was so bad that Mayor Daley ordered grocery stores, movie theaters, and malls to allow people to linger–what amounted to loitering. The city started sending out task forces to go door to door in some of poorer neighborhoods (where people likely didn’t have air conditioning) and senior living areas to do welfare checks to make sure people were okay and could get to the newly ordered “cooling centers”. There was even a couple of times where the power grid was so maxed out it failed. It was, as you describe, a very big deal. I never realized that it’s no longer a big deal until you post. Wow! I’ve even brought up this event to some of my friends at various times throughout the years and no one has ever seemed alarmed at my version of the story, it’s as if my version is similar to or the same as their memory of that summer.

Post by Skeptical Believer: Another alternate memory I have that I haven’t seen on this site is the death of Jim nabors aka gomer Pyle. I could’ve bet anything that he died of aids several years ago but apparently he’s still alive. Does anyone else remember his death?

Reply to above post, by Dee Hali: Jim Nabors isn’t dead?! Unfortunately I don’t really remember the details, but he was most definitely dead, so I remember that, too.

(Jim Nabors is still alive, according to Wikipedia and imdb.)

Comment from Alex: I was shocked to find out from this website that the Lindbergh Baby had been found dead. Up until now I’d known that the baby was never found, and had seen multiple media references alluding to the mystery of it.

(From my memory, the Lindbergh baby was never officially found.)

Comment from KG: Flesh crayons is getting me bad as I was an avid crayon user and distinctly using this crayon in the 80’s. Asked my girl if she remembered it and she started to describe it detail and was freaked out when I told her there’s no possible way we could have used that crayon because it didn’t exist after the 60’s.

The words I’ve seen listed like a lot should be alot. It’s not its. Plead not pleaded, lit not lighted, spelt not spelled. Many others.

The other real major mind blown one for me is Tank boy. I remember watching him get run over by the tank, it was gruesome, couldn’t believe I saw it on TV, remember everyone talking about it and how bad communist China was.

(I used flesh colored crayons in elementary school. Also, I’ve been seeing a lot of anomalies in sentence structure in my Word documents while I’m typing. These just started popping up a couple of months ago, and they bug me because they weren’t happening before. Trust me; I would have noticed this before. I have nearly 5 million words logged into my word count for fiction projects. I thought this was an update to the Word program that was causing this.)

Comment by Alison: I live in South Africa, and I clearly remember that Nelson Mandela died in prison. I was shocked years later, to hear that he was coming out of prison. I also remember hearing of John Goodman’s death (after the filming of the 1994 movie the Flintstones) from a heart attack. The man in Tiananmen Square was run over and killed by the tanks. And the painting of Henry 8th holding a large turkey leg. The colour Chartreuse was reddish. As for the Space Shuttle Challenger, that happened in 1983 for me.

(I only remember 1 space shuttle exploding. Apparently, there were two: Challenger and Columbia.)

Comment from Sibsiz: Probably the most disturbing sensation I’ve encountered so far was the placement of Australia on the map. That one really took me off guard. I have always been a geography  / cartography nerd. I seem to remember Australia being much further south and quite far from Indonesia / Papua New Guinea. It was way more isolated & closer to New Zealand, which was more due east. The spike on the right edge of the “Gulf of Carpinteria” stands out as off to me as well. I certainly HOPE it’s just me misremembering, especially when it comes to the subject of moving continents & geography changing. It’s hard not to feel like a raving lunatic for even considering the possibility.

Comment from Bliss Witton: I distinctly remember Thanksgiving being the third Thursday of every November. I do not ever remember it being later than that; and I remember always having to ask for confirmation that it was correct, as a child it was hard to remember.


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