Unites States: Gotham Shield, Govt Shutdown, Threat From Space

Gotham Shield is a drill with the scenario of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) falling on a major US city. In this case, the exercise is being conducted in New York City and New Jersey. A lot of people are already covering the military and potential False Flag aspects of this drill, but there are alternate theories with bigger speculation than that. This video contemplates a threat from Sol or from space. Stay tuned for more sci-fi speculation like this, coming up next.


YT description: April 24, 2017: Is the Gotham Shield Exercise that began today a preparation for a possible large scale event form SPACE as the solar system dives deeper into a new interstellar cloud? | The recent coincidental #poweroutages across the US, happening just days ahead of a possible government shutdown WHILE North Korea continues to bully the US. – REALLY??
#government #shutdown


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Title: *Shutdown Showdown* | GOTHAM SHIELD | The Interstellar Cloud (YT link) Uploaded by Mr MBB333.


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