Music, Synthwave: LazerHawk – Skull And Shark (Full Album)

Darkwave, but oh, so good.

Update: I almost forgot… This is post #1900!


It’s like the 1980’s met the 1860’s and had a butt baby called the 2010’s who was sort of a hipster but had a good enough taste in music and really enjoyed the song “Monster Mash” while growing up to the tunes of Rob Zombie coupled with old Addams Family re-runs and two decades worth of synth-pop. This is the result. Bathe in the music. Bathe in it. – SlamifiedBuddafied

YT description: New Retro Wave + Lazerhawk
A truly gruesome-tastic 80’s themed album


Title: LazerHawk – Skull and Shark [Full Album] (YT link) Uploaded by NewRetroWave.


1. Skull and Shark 0:00
2. Chaos 4:40
3. Lawless 9:22
4. King of the Streets 13:48
5 Massacre 18:45
6. A Promise 23:33
7. Dangerous After Dark 31:06
8. The Looks that Kill 35:41
9. China Town 39:50
10. Built to Kill 45:06
11. Children of the Night 50:36
12. These Streets 55:57
13. Fight to the Top 1:01:13
14. Brothers 1:05:23
15. Another Chance 1:10:09


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