Movie: The Vampire Lovers starring Ingrid Pitt (1970, Horror)

Great movie. Lots of babes, boobies and intrigue. You’ve even got Peter Cushing, who went on to play a part in the 1977 Star Wars movie.


Title: The Vampire Lovers (1970) ~ Peter Cushing (YT link) Uploaded by Funky Film Rock Cat.

The Vampire Lovers starring Ingrid Pitt – (1970) 5 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 31 minutes. What a great movie. There were some odd bits that were overplayed, such as the mysterious vampire on horseback that was referred to whenever a new victim died, and the idea that close-knit neighbors didn’t realize a beautiful vampire was trolling in their midst, especially in a wealthy community that tends to stick together very tightly. If you can forgive the minor discrepancies, this movie becomes a very sensual adventure. Ingrid Pitt’s acting was exceptional as she conveyed wanton lust in her demeanor, with both her eyes and her body language. A lot of gorgeous women were victimized by the vampire, but the nuance here was that Pitt did not do this merely to satiate her blood hunger, but also because she kept falling in love with her victims. That’s the reason she wooed them and seduced them for weeks before she finally drank their blood. Compare this to the victims among the townsfolk, who were usually quick kills that meant nothing past being midnight snacks. There are two other movies produced by Hammer Films that also entertain the idea of lesbian vampires. One is titled The Twins Of Evil, which I have located, and the other I believe is called Lust For Vampires or something similar, which I have not found yet. I look forward to seeing how this idea of horror and erotica is portrayed in these movies as well.


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