Mike Zullo: Slamming Fake News For Ignoring Kenyan’s Fake ID

Video is from a longer interview and gets cut off at the end. If I find the full discussion, I’ll give it a listen.


YT description: Mike Zullo slams mainstream media for ignoring Obama’s crimes — mass surveillance of citizens and FAKE ID.

Zullo refuses to give the biggest AZ newspaper an interview, since they lie and ignore the key points of Obama fraud.

AUDIO is Freedom Friday radio show (1330 AM, WEBY) 4-21-2017.

Michelle Obama’s FAKE Tahiti Photos:

Cernovich: Obama Family FAKE?

Trump Family Wiretapped Since 2004:

FAKE Dinner w/Michelle Obama:

For Updates, Subscribe to ‘Barry Soetoro’ Channel:

Title: Obama WHO? Zullo Slams MSM for Ignoring Spying and FAKE ID (YT link) Uploaded by Barry Soetoro.


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