False Flag: Crisis Actors Using Moulage / Fake Blood Pack Exposed

And a shorter clip at the end exposing a child hit by a Truck Of Peace that allegedly flew 450 feet away.


Brilliant! Almost as briliiant as that fake pink blood! When blood is oxidized it turns dark red, not salmon pink. This, and the shot of the guy moving the dummy’s ankle (I bet he’s SO fired) before it was fully inflated, take the cake – red velvet cake. 😉 – Grace By Faith

Amazing ANYONE would believe a child would, 1) acquire enough kinetic energy to be thrown 150 meters, and 2) survive it if it actually happened! What? Did the car have a cannon the child was launched from??? Pfffft. Fake as fake can be. – Amaterasu Solar

Title: Moulage/Blood Pack? + A Smoke’n Mirrors Video. (YT link) Uploaded by Anaconda Malt Liquor.


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