Lisa Harrison: 04/18/17 – Deconstructing The Construct E02

I meant to post this a few days ago, but a lot of other stuff got in the way. If you can handle my advanced perspective on the spiritual world, check my commentary down below.


YT desctiption: Merging realities, physical symptoms, overlays and triggers.

Title: Deconstructing The Construct Ep2 – 18 April 2017 (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

Lisa Harrison: Deconstructing The Construct Ep. 02 – (2017) 4 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 5 minutes. The discussion covers a number of different points, but I’d like to focus on what I feel is one of the most important. This is the idea of ghosts, spirits or souls becoming more visible and tangible in our physical dimension. The reason I think this is important is because this has been happening to me more and more often ever since the big spiritual date (or failed doom date for the sheep) of December 21st, 2012.

Many, many times over the last few years I’ve reached out to others, or through synchronicity others have reached out to me, who are spiritually sensitive or who have repeatedly seen ghosts around them. These people are way, way off from what I regularly see, sense and feel in my everyday life. The result is that I have felt very isolated and usually keep my sighting reports to a minimum. Why, out of all these many spiritual people that I have met personally or that I follow online, does it seem that only a very tiny fraction are experiencing the same things I am? I still don’t know the full answer, but I am starting to see others hinting about an increase in spiritual activity around them. Not a one, however, has said anything about filling up 4 and a half books of supernatural phenomena taking place around them like I have seen, but at least I don’t feel as alone as I did before. I seem to have my own little world revolving around me.

There are psychic travelers that have adventures in the astral realm, and people like Kelli In The Raw who say they can clearly see bizarre, other-dimensional beings all the time. So, I’m not talking about one paranormal field in particular, but about a broader, general spectrum that encompasses many fields at once. Most of my adventures take place in lucid dreams, for example, but I’ve unknowingly gone into the astral plane / dream state to meet people that I later met in real life at least 3 times now. I have at least 5 instances of times when I died, and then time / space changed so that the moment of death was skipped over and I was alive again. (By the way, I have seen several Mandela Affected spiritual types wondering if we might have died and are now in Heaven or Hell, or like Lisa alludes to, where we have been moved into an in-between place between physical life and death. I do believe we are in something like that, in a holding pattern or on pause until something huge clicks into place or we get a big Event.)

Getting back to this idea of tangible ghosts and spirits. A few weeks ago, I watched a round table discussion with Dr. Lupo and the Ladies of Mandela Effect. In that show, one of the guests in the later part of the program mentioned seeing gray ghosts or shadows hovering about near the ceiling that she hadn’t seen before. I have been seeing those since about 2014. In Lisa’s first Deconstructing The Construct show, she stated that several UnFuckers witnessed ghosts zipping by their heads. Again, I’ve also seen these since 2014. In this episode of Lisa’s show, we hear about the concept of people who somehow ‘step into’ other bodies, becoming complete strangers who recognize loved ones and go over to talk to them. This is the avenue I want to explore; where the ghost / spirit / soul becomes aware it is a ghost / spirit / soul out of physical reality.

Let me backtrack a little. Between early 2013 and on through, roughly, late 2014, I saw thousands of moving orbs and thousands of small, furtive shadows. I went through many interpretations for the orbs, such as 1.) could they be psychic eyes being sent out by living, dreaming people, 2.) the orbs that doctors and nurses report when people die in hospitals, and that Near Death Experiencers become when they float up in the air and see their bodies below them, 3.) drones from other dimensions that come by to spy / check on us, sent by the controllers of the Hologram Universe, or 4.) some combination of these, and / or other explanations I haven’t even guessed at.

In early to mid-2015, I stopped seeing moving orbs, and the shadows got larger. Mostly at night or when I darken up my apartment, I was and am now seeing stationary dots of color, mostly red, white, blue and purple. Instead of tiny, bright marbles floating about slowly, I see streaks of light, tiny stars that hang in the air or that shoot across the room, and weird, holographic patterns that look like boxy ‘things’ and not organic animals or creatures. I’ve seen white flashes the size of pillows and in the form of lightning, which are very disconcerting at first and for a long time after, since I don’t know if and when they’ll happen again. As far as the darker gray and black shadows go, they increased in size as well. At the start, they were the size of insects or mice, hovering from low on the floor up to my standing eye level. More recently, these are the size and sometimes the shape of big spiders, pigeons and even full-size humans, and they appear everywhere from the floor to the ceiling.

Last night, for example, during about 20 to 30 minutes right after midnight, I probably saw 50 light anomalies, mostly quick dots appearing, staying still for less than a second, and vanishing right after. I saw a few quick streaks of white light about 6 inches long, and a black shadow the size of a softball cruising slowly across my dark window. I see these things, I know they are there and I can sense whether they are positive, neutral or negative. Most are neutral; they don’t seem to be doing anything past looking at me, as if they are aware that I can see them. There have been rare occasions when I have requested a certain anomaly to appear before me, and it has happened, to my surprise and also delight. So, in addition to being aware of me, and me being aware of them, these lights are at times responding intelligently. When real people that I am destined to meet start showing up in my lucid dreams and in my automatic writing, I usually see an increase in light anomalies when I meditate at night.

I sense when ‘people’ are in my room. One young woman appeared to me several times as a white star the size of a child’s hand. An older woman appeared as a white shooting star that traveled 4 to 6 feet before it vanished. When I go to sleep, I ask my spirit guides to watch over me, and to keep nightmares or demonic spirits from coming into my apartment. During my tossing and turning, I sometimes wake up and look at the ceiling, witnessing a small star, a ‘watcher,’ blink out of sight. These are just a few examples, by the way. If I meditate at night when all is quiet and when the lights are off, for 30 minutes to an hour, I will see something like 30 – 50 dots in a single night, not counting any other strange sightings such as streaks, shadows or the occasional holographic weirdness.

The point is this. There is a progression in what I am seeing. The orbs and shadows started out small, but they have grown visibly larger over time and changed their look. A white light the size of a golf ball, or a black shadow the size of a basketball with ‘things’ trailing behind it, coming at me while I’m sitting in my meditation chair, really do scare the crap out of me. Every so often, I’ll get a new anomaly that scares me enough to put the nightlight on.

Am I mental? That could be and that’s why I normally keep my mouth shut. However, as I mentioned earlier, other people are admitting to seeing similar things.

Are these things real? Yes and no. I have been pelted on the belly by a black orb the size of a fly, and I felt the soft impact. I have been touched, not very often but it has happened, on the head, hair, on the back of the neck and on the arms. I once had a spirit hovering over me while I slept. When I sensed it there and opened my eyes, I felt it had a human form and it buzzed with some kind of electricity that left me paralyzed for several conscious moments. This same form appeared again one or two times, I’ll have to check my notes to make sure, to verify that same paralysis effect on the other occasions. This took place during the time I began to communicate with the older woman that I thought was the shooting star, and who also popped up in some of my lucid dreams. At the same time, many of these anomalies can’t be real, because they are visible for half a second and then they’re gone. I have put my hand through a holographic image that looked like several small boxes put together, colored in a neon blue, pink and purple. My hand went right through it. Last night, I held my arm up in the dark, on a lark, and I saw a white streak go around it.

Are these things intelligent? Yes, to a point. One night, I was severely depressed and crying at night over past and present failures, over a culmination of bad events in my life. I pleaded for God / Source to show me a sign that I should go on, and that I still had something to contribute to this life. I saw the biggest star-shaped anomaly I’ve ever seen appear in the center of my room. Its core was the size of my fist, with the edges stretching out a few inches further. The star stayed in place for an estimated full second before it left, right after I made my plea to God. Another time, while I was communicating with the younger woman from the UK, I felt her actual presence and scent in my room at night. I don’t know what set this off or how it happened, but my room was suddenly flooded with love. This was the closest to pure bliss that I’ve ever felt in my life and very overwhelming to me. At one point I saw a waving green Kundalini serpent in front of my fridge! This moment was so positive and powerful that I had to close my eyes and wait several minutes before it went away. For the next couple of days after that, I felt suicidal and depressed, as if I were coming down from an epic drug high and having withdrawals. I could go on with other stories like that…

Anyway, sometimes these anomalies are just meandering through my room, not noticing me at all but doing their own thing, whatever that is. I simply caught a glimpse of them as they went by. I once saw a glowing orange UFO moving like a butterfly one night, while I meditated at a local park. It was as big as a basketball and about 40 – 50 feet in the air, but none of the other people at the park noticed it. As strange as this sounds, I can sometimes point out UFOs and other phenomena to strangers, but they don’t see the anomalies until I tell them where they are.

Are these things souls? Again, the answer for me is yes and no. Some of my sightings are clearly animalistic or casual in movement, kind of like plankton floating in the ocean or microbes in a Petrie dish. However, that’s not always the case. If I go into the astral plane or dream state to talk to somebody, my soul / orb / consciousness or some part of me is leaving my physical body to do this. There is a place where souls go to have private talks, that transcends space and possibly time as well. This is how I interacted with real people I made plans to meet in the future. For me, that is true, so possibly some of the light anomalies I witness are on a sort of other-dimensional highway, going from the real to the spiritual realm, or just traveling from Point A to Point B in a non-physical way.

Towards the end of Lisa’s show, we hear the story about a woman who went into another woman’s body, and who in a different body ran up to her brother saying she recognized him. The brother said he’d never met the woman in his life. This goes along with one of my theories, that one soul can occupy multiple bodies at once. I got two big clues from a young woman / wise old soul that I spent about two years interviewing. I would ask this young lady specific questions, and she subconsciously would tap into external sources with her mind to bring me the answers. This woman did not know what she was doing or how she was doing it, but I wrote down her replies and saw that a lot of her details resonated deeply with what I have learned, experienced and feel to be true. The two big points are 1.) God does not run the Hologram; the souls that inhabit the Hologram run it, and 2.) We inhabit multiple bodies at any given time. My friend called the other bodies Doppelgangers because she had no other word for the concept, but I think she’s right. It was later that I met the young woman from the UK. If you took away our bodies and life experience, this UK woman and I truly thought in the same wavelength. I speculated that we might be the same soul living two separate lives. We both agreed that we could have been as close as lovers in a past life, and she referred to me as her Twin Flame.

There is some spiritual precedent for this concept of one soul in multiple bodies. In the New Age idea of the Akashic Records, souls can enter any life they choose and relive it all over again. If you don’t like how that life turned out, maybe you want to do it over with some tweaks to see if you can develop a better result. That fits with Hologram Universe Theory, and with the contention I share with Lisa and her co-host Dani, and others, that many people out there are 2D people or NPC Non-Player Characters, who exist partially to further the spiritual evolution of the ‘real’ people / souls. From the Indian Vedas, I’ve only gone through simplified versions of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, but we see similar philosophical teachings. We have gods who exist in heaven and in human bodies simultaneously, like the concept of the Christian Jesus who had a really bad vacation down here, and gods who incarnate into multiple bodies, such as Rama being himself and his brother at the same time.

What is going to happen next in human consciousness? Who knows? I do know that I have a couple of pieces of the overall puzzle, and for most of my life now I’ve been trying to filter out the nonsense from the truth with a hands-on approach. My spirit guides give me 75% filler and 25% fairly credible info that I end up pursuing and either confirming or tossing aside. Nobody gets 100% Truth, not even from their alleged gods, as can be proven historically. What I sense personally is that spirituality will continue to evolve in ways most people can’t absorb or even handle thinking about. That’s the way this is going to play out. Some of us will take the next step, while the rest will refuse. Maybe the Sioux Ghost Dance, where shaman would dance and speak with the dead in a positive way, will be coming back on a global scale to give us all an entirely new perspective on what this reality is truly about.


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