PIZZAGATE: NYPD Sergeant Sentenced To 28 Years In Prison

Meanwhile, the Podestas, Wiener, Abramovic and the Hildabeast go free, almost half a year after the Wikileaks leaked emails came out. Thanks for draining the swamp, Trump!


YT description: “A disgraced ex-NYPD sergeant who a prosecutor called one of the worst child sex abusers ever to pass through Brooklyn federal court was sentenced to 28 years in prison. A judge sentenced Alberto Randazzo Wednesday after he pleaded guilty in July to receiving child pornography and conspiring with at least five women — sometimes the children’s own mothers — to sexually exploit the young victims. Federal guidelines recommended Randazzo serve upwards of 80 years.”

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Title: PizzaGate Update: NYPD Sergeant Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison (YT link) Uploaded by Bait And Sketch.


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