Tarot: Roerich 2016 Deck – Full Flip Through by Darkstar Tarot

This video has no audio. It is simply the deck’s artwork being shown one card after another.

This is one of the decks that caught my eye, after having watched nearly 5 hours of Tarot practitioners showing off their collections. I like the blue borders, the size of the cards and I give the artwork a 3 or 4 out of 5. This deck feels more manly and modern to me than a lot of others I’ve seen.

This is what I’m looking for in a first deck, based on what I’ve seen so far: clear labeling on every card, no keywords, coloring in a darker palette, simple artwork with no extra letters / websites / symbols / copyright crap, sacred geometry and very little esoteric symbolism, and clean or no borders. I don’t want to handle antique wannabes, so I don’t want cards with an aged look, I want my cards to be sized close to playing cards and I don’t want any carnival or cartoon colors either. How’s that for narrowing things down?


Title: AGNI Roerich Tarot Full Flip Through (YT link) Uploaded by Darkstar Tarot.


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