Sacred Seed: My Tarot Deck Collection, Part 3

YT description: Decks in Part 3:
Visconti Sforza (Piermont-Morgan) & Mini Version c1450
Estensi Tarot (Golden Tarot of the Renaissance) late 1400s
Sola Busca 1491
Sola Busca Completely Revised Ed
Geofroy Catelin 1557 & Virgil Solis Deck 1554
Jaques Vieville c1650
Tarot De Paris c1650
Jean Noblet c1650
Minchiate Etruria 1725
Francois Chosson 1736
Camoin/Jodorowsky TdM
Vandenborre Baccus 1770
Tarot Neoclassico 1807
Grand Ettellia (based on decks from 1789 & 1826)
Minchiate Fiorentine 1850
Book of Thoth (Etteilla III) 1870
Ancient Italian Tarot 1880
Tarot of the Master 1893
Oswald Wirth 1889
Golden Tarot of Wirth 1889
Egyptian Tarot 1896
Thanks 4 watching! Check out part 4:…

Title: My Tarot Collection (80+ Decks) Part 3 (YT link) Uploaded by Sacred Seed.


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