Mandela Effect: Was It Chuck E. Cheese Or Chuck E. Cheese’s?

Video posted in July of 2016.

Some quick comments: Life Matrix and Byron Preston both pissed me off after I posted many of their videos, only to have these dummies shut down their channels or list the videos as Private. They both had good insight and examples, so why the self-censorship? Matrix shut his channel down twice even, so I’m not even posting his stuff anymore. Oh, and about the streetlights turning upside down, I can’t remember when it happened for me , but the green was always on top until suddenly it was red on top. I’m guessing I noticed this in 2013 or 2014.


Chuck E. Cheese: 636

Chuck E. Cheese’s: 99


YT description: I grew up about 30 miles away from the Very first Chuck E. Cheese’s in San Jose California. I never went to the original but I went to one in Hayward California when I was a kid. My entire life I knew it as Chuck E. Cheese Pizza and the name looks so odd to me in this reality. There was no S in the reality I grew up in. Please vote with thumbs up if you agree with me.

Title: The Mandela Effect (Chuck E. Cheese Pizza) Please Vote #24 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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