Wild Moon Woman: My Tarot Deck Collection, Part 2

No offense to the video producer, but…

I like the variety shown, but at times I feel like the specialized themes draw away from the purpose of the Tarot. These decks with Greek mythology or based on goddesses from several pantheons don’t really fit for me.

And what’s up with these multi-cultural, leftist decks showing every ethnic group? Why should multiple cultures be represented when their cultures never practiced Tarot in the first place? Didn’t the Tarot first gain popularity in Renaissance Europe?

This reminds me too much of social engineering and uniformity. All cultures practiced their own  forms of divination, so this cumbaya, black, brown and white people are really one and the same idea doesn’t fly unless you want to ignore all of history in lieu of homogenizing it into a one-size-fits-all box of merchandise with a glossy finish. Also, gender has NEVER come before race, unless you’re talking about social engineering. Tranny toilets, anyone?


Title: My Tarot Deck Collection!! – Part 2 (YT link) Uploaded by Wild Moon Woman.


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