Wild Moon Woman: My Tarot Deck Collection, Part 1

I wrote a fiction novel where a character introduced the concept of tarot cards and basic spreads (i.e. card of the day, 3 card past – present – future) to the main protagonist. I am planning to write a sequel to that novel with intermediate spreads included as a sub-plot. Maybe I will start that project up in a month or two.

To that end, I thought to take a closer look at Tarot in general. I’ve bookmarked a number of videos for beginners, and also several videos like this one where a practitioner shows off her collection. There are some very artistic and beautiful decks shown. Some of them have too much of a woman’s or child’s energy  for my personal taste. If I had to choose one today, it would be a darker Barbara Moore deck, like the Steampunk version that really caught my eye. I do hope to buy a simple Rider-Waite first, and maybe a Thoth deck later if I feel like going alchemical.

Part 2 will be posted shortly.

You may also be interested in my 2017 Economist Cover Raymond Towers post, where I try to decipher the Tarot cards depicted on the magazine cover.


Title: My Tarot Deck Collection!! Part 1 (YT link) Uploaded by Wild Moon Woman.


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