Mandela Effect: Peaches Have Stingers And New US Map Changes

As far as the peaches, I remember eating one a few years back and noticing that it had a sharp tip on the bottom. I thought it was unusual, but there were other peaches from that same bunch that also had it. I’d forgotten about that until LE brought it up in this video.

The U.S. map has changed once again. The West Coast bulge is new, the Baja California indentation is new and the shape of Texas is weird, especially to the north and east. One thing LE did not mention is the East Coast. That spike at Virginia and North Carolina wasn’t there before.


YT description: Good day everyone! Hope all is well on your end!

What do peaches and America have in common? Nothing.
Let me know what you guys think!

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Title: Mandela Effect: Peachy America (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.


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