Mandela Effect: Jimmy Hendrix, Mark McGwire And Ellis Island

Ha! I remember SP’s pyramid video! I thought the Great Pyramid was in the center as well, and noticeably larger than the next biggest structure.

A. I do have some memory of Jimi instead of Jimmy Hendrix. I was confused enough that I looked the name up in mid-2012 while writing a short story where I used it.

B. I followed that home run race as well. For me, it was always Mark McGwire.

C. Ellis Island…. no ferry, raised arm on statue closed to the public due to safety concerns, but people could still go up to the crown, situated on a square base and not a star fort like it is today


Title: Mandela Effects – Jimmy Hendrix, Mark McGuire & Ellis Island (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.


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