Mandela Effect: Brazil’s Christ The Redeemer Statue Giant-Sized

This is what I remember, as far as the placement of the statue. I’ve seen a few shots of the statue from movies, where a helicopter files right overhead before we get a view of the city of Rio below. The statue was right at the edge of the mountain, not further back and not with all that extra concrete and other stuff around it.

Here’s another thing, from way back before the ME phenomenon first started gaining traction. This was before Luke and before Sex In The City, circa Sept. 2014. The BerenstAin deal first started popping up, along with the Tiannamen Square anomaly where people remember the tank guy getting run over, not getting run over, and the live TV shot cutting away right before the tank reached the guy. (Some people swear they saw that man get squished and were traumatized by it. In my old reality, the scene was cut and I had no idea of what happened to him, and lastly, some people remember the man being interviewed after the tank incident.)

At that time, Rio’s Christ the Redeemer was nearly 300 feet tall, and people were reporting that it had shrunk. It might have been on Above Top Secret, but somebody posted a picture of a tourist standing at the feet of the statue, where the toes were huge and bigger than the person. There was NO black pedestal in that shot, if I remember that right. People on the forum were saying, I’ve been there, and the statue should be almost 300 feet tall. The big deal was that the statue had shrunk to 125 feet. So here we have the opposite happening, where the 125 footer has gone back to more or less what I remember at the estimated 270 feet.

Update: I’ve quick-scan researched a bunch of sites, including Encyclopedia Britannica and My Rio Travel Guide, (which has an odd, far away picture you can barely see the statue in), and have found them all listing the statue at 125 feet tall. I’m trying to find a way to confirm the 270 height visually, but so far I am not seeing it. I still say the tourist area around the statue looks a lot bigger than before, but I’m not sure about the height. It might be an illusion of perspective.

Another ‘small’ shot on Cloudfront.

Image search on Duck Duck Go.


YT description: Check out this vid done by Emsflea –

Once again thank you Fiver for bring this to my attention brother!

Title: Mandela Effect – Christ The Redeemer Has Changed! (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.


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