Music, Synthwave: Xavier Albareda – Dark Cruiser Mixtape 2 (1 Hour)

YT description: Once again, I’m so proud to bring you the Essential mixtape of synth music. Specialy Dedicated to the Newretrowave fans, and darksynth lovers that have called for the second part of The Dark Cruiser .

This time, Boytronique strikes back with more dark electronic music in slow beats mode. So, start your car, turn on the lights and be prepared to drive through the obscure streets of our city.

As ever, I will be happy if you leave any comment 🙂

Title: New Retro Wave Mixtape – The Dark Cruiser Vol. 2 (YT link) Uploaded by Xavier Albareda.

// T R A C K L I S T:
00:00 Sonic Mayhem – Futureland (feat. Power Glove)
03:45 Floydshayvious – One Last Run
06:00 Tokyo Rose – The Wraith
08:20 Survive – Hourglass
09:50 Daniel Deluxe – Combat Ready
13:55 Ideomatic – Zombi Zombi (Kid Machine remix)
17:20 Daniel Deluxe – Corruptor
19:20 Alex Davidson – Black Magic
22:20 Flash Arnold – The Outbreak
25:30 Kid Machine – Replicants
29:30 Raydar – Satan
32:35 Alex Davidson – Occult
34:50 Daniel Deluxe – Blood Magic
37:40 Starion – Mothership (Deep Space Mix)
40:25 Tonebox – The Chase
43:35 Decadance – On and On (Flemming Dalum Remix)
49:05 WARD-IZ – The Body Snatchers
52:10 reBoy – Shadow Runner Theme
54:45 Nightcrawler – Una Notte Violenta


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