Mandela Effect: Recent Changes To The Great Lakes

It looks like we have six Great Lakes in this world, instead of five.


YT description: Good day everyone! Hope all is well on your end.

Had to make this quick video on Lake Erie being much larger now, and bigger than Lake Ontario. Let me know what you guys think!

Check out the Card/Pole in the top right hand corner!


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Title: Mandela Effect: The Great Lakes (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.

Sault Ste Marie was between Superior and Lake Michigan. I remember this because I went there as a kid and watched a huge clipper ship come through the locks. In my reality there was no Georgian Bay. There were 5 distinct lakes. Lake Superior was the largest, Erie was the smallest. – K Eding

Lake Michigan was to be the largest of the Great Lakes, followed respectively (and closely) by Superior… Appears that Superior is has grown or Michigan has shrunk. Also Eerie did stretch out in length for surely… I am a life Michigan resident so this was a fun video for me. Thank you! – Jennifer

I have lived in pickford mi (20 miles south of sault sainte marie mi) for 43 years. Sault Sainte Marie Mi and Ont. have always been next to eachother and we’ve allways called them the twin Soo’s BUT I have never seen or heard of the Georgian bay untill last year when I learned about the Mandela effect map changes. – H. Tim Sekim


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