Mandela Effect: King Tut’s Headdress And Egypt’s New Vultures

From my Old Earth: King Tut only had a cobra centered on his headdress, which was thought to represent Enlightenment and equivalent to the red dots Indian women used on their foreheads. These were representations of the Third Eye.

I remember studying up on conflicts between Upper and Lower Egypt, and how some pharaohs tried to unite both kingdoms. The Nile looked similar, but it was NOT a giant marsh like it is today. My Nile had brown dirt / sand among the tributaries and a lot less population.

I’ve never seen the vulture depicted as a major Egyptian deity, and I’ve never seen white vultures with yellow heads. I think I would remember a white vulture from back when I was into exotic animals, especially since I consider the vulture in general to be a distasteful scavenger colored black or brown with some gray on the feathers.

While I don’t remember every single thing I studied on Egypt, because I have been studying other ancient cultures in depth as well, over the last 5 years I’ve put a huge amount of time into several Egyptian periods from early to middle to late dynasties, Biblical parallels, Akhenaten, the Book of the Dead, the Hyksos, mythology, priest hierarchy, healing, magic, Mystery Schools, etc., so I am 100% sure about my memories.


YT description: Good day everyone! Hope all is well on your end.

What the…?!?!?! A vulture AKA Nekhbet, is now on the headdress…and now there are TWO animals on the headdress…?!

Do any of you know the story of the animals on the headdress before and after Mandela Effect?

Spaced Out Productions Video:…

Title: Mandela Effect: Nekhbet & Wadjet?!?! (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.


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