Documentary: Nude Yoga – Stretching And Posing With Shannon

I can do a couple of those poses, like the standing up pose and the sitting on the floor pose. Here’s how I came across this video. I was looking up meditation music, which led me to yoga meditation music, which led me to yoga stretching for beginners. At the time I was on the Age Restricted dark side of Youtube, and hello, what’s this on the sidebar? Holy crap! It’s right there!

Ahem. I don’t consider this pornography, and trust me, I write erotica so I know the difference. I also don’t see this as sexual, really, but more like artistic expression and what it is, an intense exercise routine that I cannot do. Anyway, I’ve posted a lot of videos showing robust bodybuilders (keywords Working Out in this page’s search), so I thought I’d toss this one is as well, to represent the beauty in the female form. Don’t try these poses at home! Make your girlfriend do them instead!


YT description: This video was made for educational purposes. As the ANATOMY of a YOGA POSE can be experienced much better by viewing the body NAKED, this series is done in the NUDE (in the ancient Indian monk tradition of the Naga Sadhu style of yoga).

Title: Nude YOGA – Videos from the Past (YT link) Uploaded by Naked Yoga.


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