LARP: 2012 Epic Empires – Pilgerlager Goes To War

Incredible presentation. This is a meticulous reenactment from before, during and after a battle siege (but not 100% historically accurate). It even includes period surgery!


That pike charge was painful. Only the front-line would lower their pikes, and if you watch the video, you can see why. The second line are essentially ensuring their line breaks at best, and stabbing their men in the arms and back at worst. – Paranoidude

If we’d perform every maneuver correctly, we’d own the battlefield… as we still “play” and not “reenact” we like to give the other players some chances and many great moments… believe me, we know how to maneuver on the field in high precission, so our formation of pole-weapons isn’t easy to break… – Microbe1972

Title: LARP Battle Epic Empires 2012: Pilgerlager goes to war (YT link) Uploaded by Microbe1972.


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