Dani McKenny: 04/12/17 – UnFuckers Chat, Building Communities

Basically, this discussion is about McKenny’s plans to build a global network for the UnFuckers group. I mentioned this a few days ago; I believe that, unless The Powers That Be do something drastic like taking away the Internet or starting World War III, we will see the emergence of one-world spiritual communities.

Already, other groups are forming up, such as the WSO Planet X guys, several Mandela Effect sub-groups (Bluebeard, Harmony Mandela Effect and Life Matrix are among these), and Michael Tellinger’s Ubuntu Movement. The Powers That Be can stagger our Great Awakening, but I don’t think they can completely stop it anymore.

It’s about time!


YT description: This is an impromptu long rambling chat between myself and a group of the UnFuckers. I give an update about the new Website community we are currently building, and the discussion of how why, when, who, and what I am trying to build- COMMUNITY.

If you’d like to check out the new home of UnFuckers and Removing the Shackles, go to http://www.rts.earth BUT….. it’s just in the building /beta testing stage, so please don’t “register” yet, as it’s not complete and we’re not ready to launch 😀

Title: UnFuckers Chat: April 12 2017 (YT link) Uploaded by Removing The Shackles.


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