United States: Youtube Gun Channels Are Now In Danger

YT description: Help support TFB TV: https://www.patreon.com/tfbtv

Yesterday we found out that YouTube gun channels are in danger of losing any ad support that they have come to rely on. TFB TV is among those channels that are affected.

Today Patrick talks about what is going on in regards to the demonetization and what effects that might have on the YouTube gun community. You can also do something to help TFB TV continue to provide the content that you have come to know and love by donating a dollar or two on Patreon.

Many THANKS to:

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Bid On Thousands Of Firearms Now On Proxibid

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Please Support Them! They help make our videos possible.

Also, check out our Patreon page if you enjoy our program, and consider helping us at TFBTV out!

Title: YouTube Gun Channels Are In Danger (YT link) Uploaded by TFB TV.


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