Antarctica: The Real (Provable) Secrets Of Antarctica Revealed

This is not the Ark of Gabriel / alien technology / Fallen Angel garbage that the sensationalists and fear-mongers are peddling. Instead, here is what is historically and scientifically known based on actual government documentation and footage. There may indeed be some crazy stuff found in Antarctica, but so far we have ZERO proof that the more spectacular stories are true.


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There may be good reason for your curiosity if you have ever wondered about what is really going on at the southernmost continent… With so many myths and rumors flying around about the place lately, we decided to do a little research of our own into the claims… which turned into a whole lot of research… and what was going to be a 10-minute video turned into this.

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Title: The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica… Revealed (YT link) Uploaded by Truthstream Media.


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